Satisfy the balcony with a wooden lining

We measure the area that must be closed, calculate the required amount of material. Choose high -quality boards – dry, the same thickness, without visible damage, signs of mold. If there is the possibility of acquiring an euro -carrier, you should choose it. It is better than the domestic. It has longitudinal ventilation grooves from the reverse side so that condensation does not accumulate. These grooves do not allow you to create internal voltage during periods of sharp drops of humidity and temperature. The Euro-Russian Wagon has deeper groove-glow compounds, as well as the best quality of surface processing of the boards.

Previously, the lining must be treated with a special solution, this will prevent the appearance of mold. Fire -protection solutions are sold in construction stores. They need to apply them at least twice. After drying – varnish.

Reiki that will be attached to the walls should also be from dry pine.

With the help of a perforator, holes in the walls are drilled, the slats are horizontally attached horizontally. It is better to fix the lining from one end and move to the opposite. Net it with small light nails or metal brackets.