What you need to know about the front door

For many people, the guarantor of the safety of their apartment is the front door. Her choice is a very important and responsible activity.

The entrance doors are metal and wooden, but there are also combined options. Wooden doors win in beauty, and steel by reliability.

Currently on the market, domestic manufacturers are all the most brighter. The fact that Russian doors in quality are in no way inferior to foreign ones play in their favor, but they cost the buyer much cheaper. However, it is impossible to chase the cheapness in this matter – safety is above all.

The manufacture of entrance doors to order is becoming increasingly popular. It costs additional funds, but in return the buyer receives a complete guarantee from marriage. In addition, such doors are made of high -quality metal, with the full fulfillment of all the requirements and wishes of the customer.

When choosing the front door, you should not pay much attention to the thickness of the material. Unscrupulous manufacturers often hide its poor quality behind a large amount of metal.

The door installation is best entrusted to professionals. In this case, it is guaranteed to become an insurmountable obstacle to robbers.