Carpet of drywall partitions

For any partition, you must first build a frame, and after that you can skin. And before that you need to cut the drywall sheets with a sharp knife or a special cutter on a flat surface. After the sheets are prepared, you should start installation on a metal frame. Installed sheets of drywall you need to vertically and fix them with self -tapping screws with a step of 25 centimeters. At your leisure it will not be superfluous to visit the center of the center and choose inexpensive blinds there.

On top and below the sheets must be fixed using special guide profiles.

If self -tapping screws and a drill with a special nozzle are used for fastening, then you do not need to drill holes in advance. The screw of the self -tapping screw needs to be drowned and then rummaged.

If a heat -insulating material is laid in the partition, then here it is worth thinking about its solid consolidation.

Когда листы будут закреплены на перегородке, то нужно начинать заделывать швы на местах стыков. That is, a layer of putty should be applied to the joint, and after one motion it is aligned from top to bottom. When the putty dries, the reinforcing mesh should be laid on the surface, and immediately pressed into the putty layer. Then a layer of putty is again applied with a wide spatula, which is called aligning. After that, the layer is subjected to processing, that is, wiping with sandpaper.