Old houses – redevelopment

Lucky one who owns an apartment in old houses. After all, possessing such apartments, you can recreate the style corresponding to the era in which this building was built. After all, looking at the building itself from the side, it is somehow strange to be there in a mini skirt or jeans.

But before indulging the flight of fantasy, the apartment in such a building, first of all, requires redevelopment. It is worth knowing, first of all, that in no case should the supporting walls touch. Otherwise deformation, up to the collapse, cannot be avoided. However, the facade itself must remain inviolable. But all the same, the situation can be corrected using beautiful massive doors under the old days and magnificent stucco on high ceilings.

It is also worth it, first of all, replace the windows – now it’s quite easy to get double -glazed windows with elaborate old people packed in wooden frames. Floor coating also needs to be paid special attention, and finding an old parquet is not at all difficult. A massive bath on cast carved legs and all kinds of mirrors with a framing of those times will be supplemented by ancient architecture.

Antique furniture will be an emphasis in redevelopment. And if you think about everything wisely and consult with an appropriate specialist, then the achievements of modern technologies can be added so that only a knowledgeable person can indicate where, for example, there is a microwave or a refrigerator chamber. And no innovative technique hidden from the eye will ruin the charm that surrounds such housing.