House of galinded timber

The art of the construction of wooden houses is one of the most ancients in Rus’. Construction was carried out with a thorough selection of logs, they had to be adjusted and changed in places, which needed a lot of time. Finns were broken in the technology of wooden construction: a technology is used to accelerate the process, thanks to which logs are made the same along the entire length.

The wood has pros and cons of other materials: it should “breathe” and easily absorbs moisture, at the same time, it has excellent heat -insulating properties. Resin and phytoncides of coniferous breeds purify the air indoors. Unlike many modern materials based on chemistry, wood does not cause allergies. Logs selected for gallending must be sorted in diameter. A special machine is removed with a sap and a promoted nucleus is left.

House made of galled timber inside

If it has a soft nucleus and a hard outer shell, so it does not fit for a gallect. After removing the sapwood, the log is treated with an antiseptic to protect yourself from the damage to the fungus. At the same time, the wood retains the ability to “breathe”. Logs and other preparatory actions related to the construction project are carried out within two weeks. After drying, the logs are treated outside, and only after that the windows and doors are installed.

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