Tiles characteristic of species

The choice of tiles as a roofing material is one of the most successful. However, the tiles can be either natural, or metal, or flexible. Each of the varieties is due to its properties and characteristics. If you, in addition to the roof, decided to update the windows, then we advise you to install plastic windows in Ryazan.

Natural tiles are more in demand compared to other materials, since it has a long service life, resistance to fire, humidity and noise, has a great appearance. The only negative is high price.

Metal tape is galvanized sheets, similar in appearance, similar to natural tiles, but more affordable in terms of cost and more lightweight. Some are mistaken, believing that in the wind and rain, the metal tile is publishing a lot of noise. However, in fact, this is not so – if the styling technology is observed, then there will be no extraneous noise.

Soft tiles have the most attractive appearance, while having a slight weight. Despite the moisture resistance and a large assortment, the soft tiles wear out quickly, and after ten years it will require its complete replacement (the reason is the material of the composition of flexible tiles – cellulose or glass fiber, which do not have great durability).