Among modern methods of cladding of residential buildings, you can call the finish clinker tiles. What is clinker tiles and what are its advantages? This is a ceramic panel product that can have the appearance of stone or brickwork. Its main advantage over the “brothers” is that it has a larger area. And this allows you to perform finishing work faster. The result is impressive.

Since clinker tiles are attached to the walls along the guides using dowels and self -tapping screws, a gap arises between the surface and finishing materials. It creates favorable conditions for natural ventilation and ensures the “breath” of the facade. In addition, the clinker allows you to create additional thermal insulation.

Due to the fact that this type of panel is produced using synthetic compounds, their service life increases to 50 years. But at the same time, tiles do not emit toxic substances and quite favorably act on the well -being of the inhabitants of the house.

Clinker tiles have excellent properties of steam – and waterproofing. Withstands increased up to 1500 s and lowered to 900 s ambient temperature. At the same time, the color, texture and internal structure of the product remain completely unchanged.