What should you know during the construction of stairs

Starting the construction of a reliable staircase with your own hands, you need to start with the support of the future staircase. If the future staircase is planned along the wall, then in this case it will be necessary to install side slots into which the reinforcement will be inserted. Since a large load will lie on the walls, in this case, they should be well fortified. If there are no side bearing walls, then the staircase should have two supports – the lower and upper.

In addition to this, the overlap is necessarily intensified, using a steel profile or reinforced concrete beams. Calculation of the flight of the stairs – this will be the next stage. To do this, the height without decoration of the lower stage is calculated, not forgetting that with the upper step of the stairs at the same level, the flooring should be located. Having calculated the height of the step, it is necessary to leave the thickness of the floor, which is added to the slope of the stairs. It is very important to have drawings of stairs. To make it as convenient as possible, it is better to mark the wall on the wall, this is characteristic of staircases in the form of a supporting wall with support. Then the formwork is attached, which will be enhanced, and the reinforcement planted on the spacers is laid. Steps to the wall are attached with nails that are clogged into the surface of the wall, for subsequent work with formwork, but not to the end. The steps are concreted and aligned, and railing