In order to give a fashionable modern interior of your kitchen you just need a bar stand, with its help you can favorably divide the space.

Bar racks are used in small kitchens where there is no room to put a large kitchen table. Many modern people use a bar standing when they practically do not cook or love to eat, watching TV and computer.

For apartments with the dining room, the bar standing will be complemented by the table, as a rule, it has a height of about 110 centimeters. Such racks are beautiful, functional and fit into any interior.

Choosing a bar, you must remember that it is suitable for furniture in the kitchen by color scheme. Until recently, a bar counter to buy St. Petersburg was used as a mini-bar in a living room or in a billiard room, and today is an integral part of modern cuisine.

You can make the bar yourself by choosing the necessary details and buy the ready -made. It can have additional shelves with backlight and even a mini refrigerator. Bar racks are like one two -level.

A two -level stand with a cornice is more popular. It is more functional since it has special parts for glasses. For a bar, they use such material as: wood, metal, artificial stone, glass, tile. Some manufacturers combine these materials.

Today, a very large selection of bar racks, they differ in their forms and color, with the help of this you will undoubtedly find exactly the one that will suit you not only in design, but also to your liking, because it should be not only beautiful but also beaten and functional.