Sitting the house with siding

House sheathing with siding is an economical option for giving a landscaped view to the house. Following the instructions, the installation of panels is quite real. First, a crate is made under siding. If it is wooden, then it must first be treated with a special composition, you can use metal from a gimmic profile. It will cost a little more, but it will not require preliminary processing. Using the crate, the facade ventilation system is organized, which is well affected by the operation of the structure. Under vertical siding, the lattice is done – horizontally, and under horizontal – vertically.

Do not forget that all finishing materials, under the influence of temperatures, are compressed and expanded, so aluminum composite panels are attached to the crate with a gap of 2-3mm. If the work is done in the cold, then the gap should be larger. At temperatures below 10 degrees, cutting is carried out in a warm room.

Installation of siding begins with the installation of the starting strip around the entire perimeter of the house. Then the panels are mounted strictly in the middle, this is done using self -tapping screws or thick nails. The end edges of the panels at the corners of the house are closed with outer corners, which are purchased with siding in the same color scheme.