An ideal union

The opinions of men and women are very often diverge. They coincide when people strive for an ideal family union. Here both men and women want a foreign half. It is in this case that an ideal union arises when a Russian woman who wants a foreigner’s husband meets a man of a foreigner who dreams of a Russian wife.

In search of a person for an ideal union, you have already registered or will soon register on a Russian -language dating site with foreigners, filled your questionnaire and gained access to the database of foreign grooms. What’s next? And then you need to choose the man you like and competently write the first letter. How to write such a letter correctly?

Do not be afraid to write to a man first. This is a good chance to interest him, make an impression and make you pay attention to you precisely. According to world etiquette, a man in greeting needs to turn by name. Remember that your first letter to a man is your first contact, and you must leave a great impression.

The first letter you wrote should not be too long, but at the same time should not be short. Ideally if about 1.5-2 pages of printed text is written. In this case, the text should not be dry and necessary. The above should be interesting, funny and informative. You can add even a little humor. You should not write the same template letter to all men. Show that you studied its questionnaire, you can make several quotes or links to its questionnaire data.

At the beginning of the letter, you need to write briefly about yourself. Foreigners are very honored by family ties, so it is important that you talk about your family and about yourself. Then write about your hobbies, beloved and unloved music, flowers, books, etc. D.

Do not write about the negativity and difficulties of life, former relationships and other things that could give out your doom.

At the end, be sure to ask a couple of questions to the chosen man, this will make it possible to continue the correspondence that you started. You can ask something related to him or his country.