Rest without fraud

When the field of winter begins to bake the sun more strongly, trees are green with an office window, then an insatiable thirst for rest wakes up in the soul. The long -awaited vacation comes, but together with vacationers in the warm lands, scammers are striving. Together with the summer tourist season, they open the next season of profit.

You can get to the scam immediately at the airport. Visa agents can sell a visa, for example, Egyptian, for more than a hundred dollars, when it is at least twenty. And the Turkish visa to the arrivals less than for a month is not needed at all.

Baggage department special place. Mostly these are dishonest movers. You just need to hide everything valuable deeper, hang the lock on a suitcase, tie the suitcase belts crosswise and so on. They have little time and you will not want to bother. A great solution before the trip will be to buy a reliable and high -quality suitcase with a good protection system. A large selection of models can be found, for example, on this site

Upon arrival at the hotel, all valuable things are handed over to the safe, but this is for a fee. You can take a chance to leave everything valuable in the room, but let it be a voluminous suitcase and with a code lock.

Particularly vigilance should be shown during currency exchange – underestimation of the course, visual deception of bills and so on. It is better to pay in cash, and in small stores of small souvenir trade it is forbidden to use a card. ATMs there are often arranged for reading data from account. You can then miss a large amount.

Another type of tourist fraud – Taxi. You need to know that foreign taxi drivers work day and night at different tariffs. From midnight, the night tariff is valid more expensive. Typically, information about the cost of the tariff is posted in the machines. It is worth just showing vigilance – Gunduz (daytime), gece (night).

Also, a technique rolling network with a slight breakdown is put on the stream, which is invisible during the rental of rental, and then they do not return the key to it or require material compensation. In this case, only insurance will save, in which the risk of theft can also be indicated. Many rental owners have hired thieves for renting equipment.

Only a careful and vigilant tourist is not afraid of scammers. Pleasant rest!