History of women’s underwear

Today it is difficult to imagine that several centuries ago there was no sufficient number of convenient, practical, beautiful and seductive underwear for women. At the same time there was a kind of fashion that they tried to follow, as now.

Only now women are given a huge selection of seductive linen, such as on the site and every woman is able to decide what is fashionable for her. But the pages of history tell how we came to what we have in the market of women’s underwear today.

The first references to fashion in the field of linen were whole opuses about corsets. For a long time they were considered an integral part and everyday and festive wardrobe. It is difficult to imagine, but for more than two centuries, European women fettered their bodies into tight laid -made weights. Imagine only in the second millennium BC the first corsets appeared, which looked like wide ribbons, very tightly dragged under the chest. Thus, the Greek women tried to emphasize their harmony.

But the ancient Romans equipped these ribbons with a lacing, and then the corset began to acquire the features familiar to us. It is noteworthy that ancient men used corsets. For men only, the corset played the role of not the corrector of the figure, but the body’s protection.

In the 14th century, a real professional corset was invented in Burgundia and sewed. It was then that he became an independent and integral part of the wardrobe of the young lady. In the form in which we used to see a corset in museums of clothes and films, appeared two centuries later in Italy.

And after another half a century, fashion for a narrow waist and raised chest reaches the climax. The standard of beauty at that time is a waist of 33 centimeters, which could only be achieved by very tight corsets.

Throughout the 18th century, corsets do not go out of fashion. In order to get used to the tightened state of the figure and align the posture, this element of clothing is recommended to be worn from the very young age.

The end of the corset triumph falls on the 19th century. And since then, the era of completely different linen begins, which is also able to emphasize the dignity of the figure, but without torment, as the corset would do.