To increase the stability of wood to external influences, special varnish coatings are used

The varnish is applied to the prepared surface: the wood is cleaned, degreased, polished and covered with a primer. To emphasize the texture of the tree will allow a special water primer or tinting impregnation. To stain the product previously already covered with varnish, the old coating is completely cleaned. By the way, by clicking on the following link you can buy a trailer whose price is inexpensive.

The choice of varnish for wooden surfaces depends on the condition of the covered material. Glossy varnishes emphasize defects, and matte compositions make it possible to hide even minor irregularities. Water -based varnish is diluted only with clean water, but not more than 1/10 part of the composition, organic solvents or olifa should not be added. If it is necessary to dilute the working composition, the material should be enough for the entire layer, during painting, the shade may differ.

Lacing wooden surfaces is carried out with air humidity no more than 50%, t. To. The coating under such conditions dries too quickly, which can cause defects. The appearance of stains leads to apply varnish to a fat surface, so any fat spots are cleaned with soap solution. Uniform coating thickness is achieved by applying the material using a sprayer or tampon. Higher quality coating is achieved by applying several uniform thin layers than with one thick layer.