Fur boots ugg boots

Fashion is fleeting, and the style is eternal – so the leading designers say.

Apparently, the fashion for the uggs has turned into a stylistic direction, which can be called cozy Casl. In such shoes they go to the office, for a walk, and some do not take off these fur boots in the summer. They are loved by ordinary people and celebrities. So, for example, Britney Spears goes to them to the beach, and the supermodel Adrian Lima uses as shoes for home. Literally every second Hollywood celebrity was seen in the boots of this brand.

Style in every detail

Can I call ugg boots with stylish shoes? Despite the fairly simple, at first glance, cut, they are sewn incredibly competently and are of the highest quality. Uggs are perfectly kept in shape, do not lose external attractiveness after several months of intensive sock.

In the lineup, it is worth highlighting several stylistic directions:

A woman or a man of absolutely any age can buy classic uggs – they look great on adolescents, and harmonize with the image of a mature, consistent person.

Bailey Bow – boots with bows, romantic, created specifically for those who want to emphasize femininity and tenderness.

Bailey Button – a model for connoisseurs of a laconic style: beautiful, unusual and not too defiant.

Sparkles – boots for self -confident girls and women, bright, attracting attention. They are especially loved by teenagers, a better way to stand out in the company and you cannot imagine.

And these are only the main stylistic directions: there is also a line of models from designer Jimmy Chu, boots with a variety of fur trim and wedding uggs. Choose any, buy a few pairs, and every day amaze friends and colleagues in a new original way.

It will not be too difficult – exclusive uggs are easy to buy in Moscow, the choice of colors, options and sizes is very large.

Health first of all

Beauty is beauty, and the manufacturer of the UGG also does not forget about orthopedic and hygienic requirements. Walking in these boots is completely identical to a walk on soft sand. The weight is distributed evenly, the shock -absorbing surface reduces the load on the joints, and the strong back reliably fixes the foot, protecting from dislocations.

Natural fur provides an air gap between the skin and finish, creates an optimal microclimate. Thanks to this in warm weather, non -fire, and in the frost, the legs do not freeze during the many hours of walking in the fresh air.