Volumetric constructions made of drywall

A common design technique is still the use of arched decorative structures in the interior of the premises, whether it is a framing of a door or window opening, decorative shelf or visual distinction between space using an all -collection structure. Thus, the uniqueness and uniqueness of your interior is achieved. If you decide to change the interior doors, then it is worth buying Italian interior doors.

To form the frame, apply the contours of the arch or wave on a sheet of drywall, it is desirable that the contours of the blanks are as close as possible to the shape of a metallized frame. The edges can be cleaned with an abrasive skin.

From a metallized profile, make a structure – a frame, and secure with anchors to the floor, opening and ceiling. The profile is easy to flexion and cutting, therefore it will not be difficult to give the necessary shape.

Hypsum plasters are attached to the frame using self -tapping screws, the end part can be previously moistened, so that the surface can be canceled easily, giving it the necessary wave.

The finish of the finished design is carried out using finish putty, the ends are fixed with a perforated corner – a metal or plastic one, to smooth out convex and concave surfaces. Further, at your discretion, the arch can be painted with water -based paint in the tone of the room or pasted with wallpaper.