Mortgage or rent?

The housing issue remains one of the most burning Russians in life. If there was an opportunity to draw up a rating, their own apartment, most likely, would lead the top of the desires most often made by our compatriots under the fight of chimes.

One way or another, when the housing issue gets up, you have to choose between the mortgage and the rental of the apartment. Both that, and another, has a number of features, advantages, disadvantages and “underwater stones”. You can find out about the mortgage on this site of the first hands.

Among the advantages of renting over mortgage lending:

– smaller monthly fees;

– the possibility of choosing an apartment at the place of location of the house, the availability near certain objects;

– the possibility of checking into an apartment equipped with everything necessary, which eliminates the need for financial investments;

– the possibility of deferred payment in case of trusting relations with landlords, lack of fines, penalties and interest.

Among the minuses of hiring housing:

– the ability to increase the amount of payment by the will of the customer;

– Often the need to reckon with the rules established by the landlord, for example, a prohibition of redevelopment, maintenance of pets, etc. D.;

– the threat of eviction in case of non -compliance with the rules by the tenant or a combination of circumstances in the life of the owner;

– the danger of falling into the hands of scammers;

– the impossibility of registration at the place of residence.

Mortgage, in turn, has the following advantages:

– the possibility of registration of registration at the place of residence;

– the possibility of arranging an apartment in accordance with their own preferences;

– fixed amount of payments;- the possibility of choosing a preferred type of payment and early repayment of a loan.

Among the minuses of mortgage apartments:

– the amount of monthly payments (as a rule, 2 -3 times higher than the average amount of payments for rent);

– the availability of an overpayment may exceed the value of real estate;

– Most of the creditors presenting the requirements for the payment of the initial contribution.

Thus, the mortgage implies the presence of a stable source of income. Renting an apartment, of course, also requires timely payments, but in smaller and without a fine for a small delay in payment. However, investing bloody earned in your own housing is much more pleasant and, for many, it is more advisable than to pay “someone else’s uncle” every month.