What is a glass -lumber leaf?

Glass -fruit sheet is a fairly new material. He can replace drywall, gypsum -fiber sheets, asbestos cement and fiber cement panels.

In their first appearance in the construction, glass-fruits did not make a proper impression because of their low qualities. But over time, they became better and more reliable. The density of sheets is the main important property. Therefore, now manufacturers are monitoring the quality of the material produced.

The cheapest in price is the material made in China. This is because raw materials for the material there are much cheaper than other countries. Dry the material not in dryers, but under the bright sun, which again allows you to reduce production costs.

The main positive properties of the glass magnesium sheet are its non -combustibility. This is especially valued for building buildings, where fire safety is in the first place.

In terms of moisture resistance, the material is much superior to drywall. Also, unlike fibropanels, it is much more impact.

The glass -fruit sheet is easy to operate and does not require special skills. The sizes of the sheets make the same as the sheets of drywall.

The only thing that can interfere with the purchase is the price of the material. It is significantly higher than the price of other materials. Although its properties quite justify its value.