Mediterranean design of the premises

The style of this interior is its simplicity and comfort. There are European motifs in the interior: Greek, Spanish, Italian. Color decisions of an apartment designed in the Mediterranean style converge on the predominance of natural sea and land shades.

Walls can be finished with neutral wallpaper, decorative plaster. If there is a fireplace, its stylization under a brick or stone is desirable. Laminate or tile is laid on the floor. The Mediterranean dwelling is furnished with furniture made of natural materials, for example, a massive wooden sofa or several wicker chairs, which, incidentally, are easy to make and independently, and independently independently.

Weaving from the vine is quite simple, it is necessary to give free rein! To begin with, rods of bird cherry are harvested. When choosing a suitable material, it should be borne in mind that for openwork weaving, rods with a thin core are used.

Right before weaving losins, an hour is soaked in water, then in wet tissue for 15-20 minutes. Water and fabric must be alternated until the rods become elastic. Next, you can take a guide to weaving from a vine, or you can study yourself – take a finished chair and try it to braid it. For the first time it is unlikely to work perfectly, but experience will come over time. And the first chair, made independently in the Mediterranean style, will probably take a worthy place among the furniture of the house or in the garden.