What are the extracts from the State Register for individual entrepreneurs and yur of persons

Today we will talk in the article about what extracts from the state register are. Extracts can be issued for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.

As for the first, it can be commercial organizations or cooperatives. If we talk about IP, then he is also given such an extract. Releases can be divided into urgent, there are non -term.

What is the document for?

It is usually necessary in order to confirm the powers of the director in front of some bank. It is usually certified by the tax authority. An extract is made even to have reliable information. In such papers there may be information:

About the organization.

Information about the whereabouts and the authorized capital.

Education Yul or individual entrepreneur.

Where can I get an extract?

It is possible to get documents in the territorial tax authorities. For non -profit organizations, such documents are issued by the Federal Tax Service.

What are the deadlines for receiving a document?

To get an extract, you must either submit a written request in a simple form, where the organization’s details are indicated, or use the professional services of the company . It can be a legal address or ogrn. There must be a stamp. Paper can be issued within 5 days. Perhaps you need to get an urgent extract, then here you should pay a state fee in the amount of 400 rubles. You can get such an extract within a day. If the extract is taken for NPOs, then time increases to 10 days. Such extracts usually receive the client personally himself, or he sends his representative.

There should be a power of attorney written in writing and certified by the company’s seal. Since August of this year, in order to get a paper extract from the Unified State Register, a person will have to pay 200 rubles. For the usual order. For an urgent certificate you will have to pay 2 times more expensive. As for information in electronic format, they are free today.

Speaking in more detail, then such extracts request companies or IP in tax services, and they were always issued before for free.

It was possible to send a request many times. Many firms have now switched to the electronic format for paperwork. To stimulate organizations and individual entrepreneurs to abandon the papers, officials decided to enter a fee for each request on paper. If you urgently need to get an extract, it is best to contact the company. They will do everything fast.