Design of small bathrooms

Most of the apartments are not equipped with large bathrooms. Despite the limitations in space, it is still possible to make a small room well. It is worth paying attention to the minimalist style, since, firstly, this is the only solution for a small bathroom, and, secondly, it is quite inexpensive.

First you should remove all the things from the bathroom, and if you have a large bath there, then you should throw it out at all. A shower cabin is suitable in her place.

It is also worth removing from the bathroom all the items, which you can do without. For example, a washing machine, put it in the kitchen in the end. This will make it possible to increase free space in the bathroom.

When choosing the color of the walls, it is worth paying attention to light colors, since they visually increase the space when the dark, on the contrary, reduce.

You can make spot lighting and "Play" with light and shadow. The alternation of light sources will make it possible to make your bathroom interesting.

If you can allow you to hire a designer to decorate your bathroom, then, of course, entrust this to a professional. He will do all the work for you.