Do I need to do it in a wardrobe window

The new solution in the interior was the use of wardrobe windows. True, it is necessary here not in order to see what is going on on the street or admire the scenery outside the window, but in order to get into the room fresh air and light. In addition, the use of the window allows you to ventilate things directly in the dressing room. Do this, as you know, it is necessary.

In addition, there must be a constant circulation of air, so a ventilation duct is also needed here. You can install it in the wall or make overhead ventilation. In this case, the air that will enter the dressing room through the window will go into ventilation. This will not allow air to stagnate indoors.

If you do not have the opportunity to make a window in the dressing room, then it is necessary to do artificial ventilation. It is impossible to do without ventilation, because a large accumulation of things and shoes collects a large amount of chemicals in the air that can evaporate from leather products. It can be made that air comes from other rooms, and is displayed into the overall ventilation channel. For proper air circulation, you need to leave small cracks in the room in the dressing room. Then everything will be done correctly.