About finishing work and painting corner

The appearance of the finishing surface depends on the competent and consistent use of the finishing process. And many novice masters and especially, Malyars are self -taught, often ignore the features of the technologies used. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of painted surfaces.

If you take the male galvanized or any other corner, then thanks to it you can accurately determine the lines of the joint angles of the working finishing surface.

For the use of the painting corner, depending on the type of base material, the surface preparation techniques for the finish are used.

The work uses a painting corner in the corner parts of the premises. If, during painting decoration, they do without it, then the joints of the surface located in the corner parts will look very unpretentious.

The painting corner is of two types: aluminum and galvanized. The latter is often stained because it can be covered with rust. Often a galvanized corner is fixed on the surface with a putty layer. This method in the future allows you to apply a layer of material with finishing alignment on the surface of the plaster.

The adhesion of the decoration layers is carried out using primer material.