Ways to prevent re -formation of cracks

On almost any ceiling there is a probability of cracking. In order to eliminate this petty trouble, experts recommend using ceiling wallpaper from fiberglass. They are also called a “spider. The thickness of the “web” is one and a half – two millimeters, and the structure is quite loose. These features of the “web” do not allow cracks to reach the surface of the ceiling.

On the prepared surface of the ceiling with the help of wallpaper glue, the sheets of web are glued. While working with a “web” you need to use rubber gloves. It should be noted that after the final staining of the ceiling, the “cobweb” cannot secrete glass dust and is completely safe for health. A great influence on the quality of work has the right choice of glue. Experts advise using Quelyd glue (as high quality as the Swiss watches), characterized by stable good quality. It is impossible to perfectly joint the sheets, so the joints will have to be thrown. This operation is performed after the primer of the entire ceiling. For dry primers, joints and minor defects are plowed with “Vetonite of the KR” or “Vetonite LR”. After the putty dries, it is polished, and then the entire ceiling is stained. It is better to use paint water-emulsion.