Stretch ceiling

The modern market has a large selection of colors, shapes and styles of now popular stretch ceilings. Such ceilings are used both in apartments, and in offices, shops, restaurants. The PVC film used has a homogeneous and even coating, which practically does not differ from the usual ceiling. Stretch ceilings withstand the load of about 100 kilograms per m2 and have a guarantee for more than 10 years.

By texture, stretch ceilings are divided into such groups: varnish, pearl, satin, metallic, matte and such decorative texture options as imitation of suede, wood, leather, marble. If we talk about the installation of the film, then there are also several options: – “from wall to wall” or a classic version: it is easy to install, economical, the ceiling transition to the wall is barely noticeable, has inserts of “bells”;

– “Wave”: has multi -level fluctuations in the surface and creates the illusion of the presence of the sea; – The ceiling resembling a night sky is also common – is performed by applying a special paint that shines in the dark or by installing small spotlights that create the illusion of the glow of stars.

To create a unique design, various LED lines are used, which are easy to install and original executed. The huge color scheme of stretch ceilings is also pleasantly surprised. Good choice!