Large pebble paths

Residents near which there are gelly deposits can build garden paths from a large pebble. They practically do not have wear, to care for such paths is easier than any others. The technology of their creation has been worked out for centuries. Even in ancient Greece, streets in cities and even small settlements were laid out with such paths.

To create such a path, you should first bring the pebble to the site, and then sort it by size and shape.

To avoid subsequently germination of weeds along the path, it is necessary to perform preliminary preparation of the soil. The soil layer is removed along the entire length of the future path, then geotextiles are laid. Sand mixed with small gravel is poured on top of it. Sand should be three to four times more than crushed stone. The entire surface is spilled with water and compacted.

Stones (pebble) are laid on the prepared surface). When laying it, you need to select stones so as to minimize the gaps between individual stones. Therefore, stones of different sizes are used. Some craftsmen manage to create drawings from stones.

Sand is poured over the laying again. It is spilled with water, and then excess sand is removed with a broom. After a couple of weeks, the path takes the form that it will save for many decades.

It is important to prevent germination between the stones of the grass. Herbicides treatment will help get rid of weed vegetation. It is enough to conduct it in the spring when the seeds from the seeds brought by the wind.