Baranina in Sweet Sauce

Today it is fashionable to cook from lamb. No matter how strange it sounds, but there is also a certain fashion for dishes from specific ingredients. That is why in search of recipes and advice on cooking lamb, many women literally storm the Internet and numerous culinary sites.

Today, find good recipes for preparing delicious dishes of their lamb and not only, can easily be found in the recipes section. And real gourmets will be interesting to cook lamb in an exquisite and incredibly tasty sauce.

Lamb has many useful properties, it is easily absorbed by the body and has a lot of minerals in the composition. However, many aroma of this meat may seem harsh, so it is better to prepare it in a special sauce.

The necessary components:

• Baranina without bone 500 grams.

• Red and yellow pepper 1 piece.

• Pineapple in syrup canned 1 bank.

• One bulb.

• 2 garlic teeth.

• Corn starch 10 grams.

• SOI bobs 15 ml.

• Ketchup 20 ml.

• 2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar.

• oil for frying (how much “take”).

Cut the onions after cleansing in half rings, divide the garlic into quarters, chop the pepper in small cubes.

Pineapple out of the jar, let it drain and chop. Rinse lamb and cut the meat with cubes in size about 4 by 4cm.

In a pan with high walls, warm up the oil, fry the onion, then shift the garlic, pepper and fry everything until the average readiness. Then add pineapple here, mix and put the mixture on a plate. Fry the meat in the same pan, constantly mixing it.

In syrup from under the pineapple, dissolve starch and shake the mixture. Add sugar, ketchup and soy sauce to it. Connect the workpieces together, suck and simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Serve with a side dish of noodles or rice. Bon appetit!