What are mattresses

According to scientists, human life takes most of the time in a dream. Therefore, you need to approach the choice of mattress responsibly. A high -quality mattress will keep your back healthy, make a dream stronger.

In modern times, there is a large assortment of different mattress models. Both modern mattresses and their predecessors are cotton. You can buy cotton mattresses on the company’s website. The disadvantage of such mattresses is that over time, cotton wool is collected in lumps, which is why the need for replacement occurs much more often. However, cotton mattresses are still used in trains and hospitals.

Modern mattresses can be classified into spring and outrun. The spring is made on the basis of the spring block and several layers of foam and fabric. Springs are dependent like “bonnel” and independent. The basis of the mattresses “Bonnel” are rigidly connected springs. The pressure in such mattresses falls on the entire surface. Bonnel mattresses are more economical.

Independent spring blocks give the mattress orthopedic properties. The more springs, the better. The pressure in such mattresses is distributed point.

Non -free mattresses are characterized by a filler: latex, coconut fiber, felt, foam rubber, sapanbond, strutofiber. Bezdous mattresses, like spring, may contain several layers. One of the layers should be rigid, which gives firmness to the mattress and imitates the action of the springs. The cost and quality of the extraordinary mattress is determined by its filler.

The concept of “orthopedic mattress” is often found. Such mattresses include non -branching with a large number of layers and mattresses with independent springs.

There are also mattresses of water and inflatable mattresses. The latter are good for infrequent use, for example, in case of guests. Water, for which a liquid filler is used, is less common and complex in operation.