The durability of the construction depends on many factors

The people have such an statement that the durability of the building and its safety depends on the foundation of the building. This statement has a place to be, but do not forget that from how professionally and efficiently the walls will be erected, the roof, windows, doors and other elements will be mounted, the life of the building depends. Even how competently two -layer isolation will be made, many circumstances depend.

Now different materials are used to build a roof. Some have the best technical indicators, others have a beautiful appearance. But in order for the roof to be reliable and durable to use tiles of various types, corrugated board, ondulin, heaters and other materials. They are beautiful and high -quality. In addition, they are well opposed to complex weather phenomena and time.

Building work can last a single month, or even a year, therefore, for the convenience of a construction team and workers, you need to buy toilet cabins. They can be put near the house and, as needed, is rearranged from place to place.

The windows today are quite simple, since PVC and metal -plastic are popular material for them. They retain the heat of the room, do not pass extraneous noise from the street, it is easy to care for them. Metal -plastic windows can be operated for many years. In general, you need to choose only high -quality and proven building materials.