What are foam blocks

Recently, foam blocks have begun to enjoy increasingly popularity. They are an alternative building material, which are used in the construction of modern buildings.

The production technology of this material is quite complicated. It consists in mixing special bubble foam and astringent fillers, which occurs under high pressure in a hermetic mixer, after which this substance is given.

This material is not subject to dampness and mold, it is not terrible to lose heat and temperature fluctuations. Due to its porous structure, foam blocks have the ability to absorb and return moisture, which creates a good microclimate in the house. They also have high thermal insulation and soundproofing properties, resistant to fire.

The main feature of foam blocks is the internal voids, consisting of 85% of empty cells, which makes this material lighter in weight and simplifies its processing. Another advantage of using foam blocks is an affordable price, and due to the low weight of products, the cost of delivery is much lower than that of other building materials.