On the importance of automation of the gas level control process in underground work

In recent years, the rapid development of technologies for monitoring the quality of air and the detection of harmful gases in the premises is not observed. We know the two main directions of the technological solution to this problem. This is the use of the acoustic sensor of the wave and the infrared gas sensor.

Using a gas monitoring system for the detection of hazardous levels of gas content in the room, can help prevent an explosion or can help prevent employees’ injuries from toxic gases. The necessary measures to eliminate a dangerous concentration can be taken on time if automatic monitoring and control systems are installed to help prevent the content of gas from further growth. These may be actions to automatically shut off gas valves, turning on the fan, closing the process or message of sound and visual alarm for notification and evacuation of personnel. In some situations, monitoring systems for gas state are used to control the process. The use of such systems is especially relevant in underground work on the construction of various underground utilities in underground tunnels and in the construction of new tunnels for the lines of the subway.