On the conduct of cosmetic repair of the bathroom

Cosmetic repairs are updating the decoration in the room. In addition, during such a repair, the premises are decorated and the installation of equipment is if necessary. At the same time, the sewage system is not replaced, as well as drainage pipes.

At the beginning of the cosmetic repair of the bathroom and the toilet, plumbing is dismantled, as well as removing the old finish. If you seek help from repair specialists, such as the employees of the company of the bath is beautiful, then the entire repair process will be easy and quick for you. In this case, dismantling is carried out if necessary. And if there is no such need, in this case, the process of repair is facilitated. If desired, you can update the bathroom. This can be done by adding an acrylic liner to it. If you are going to update the wall decoration, you will also need to remove the sink and a heated towel rail in this case.

Cosmetic repair in the bathroom should begin with the dismantling of ceiling finishes. If on the ceiling in the bathroom plaster, then before removing it should be thoroughly wet. This can be done with a brush that is moistened with water.

After you clean the ceiling from the previous coating, you must immediately remove the coatings from the walls and floor. In the event that the surface is lined with tiles, perform it dismantling. This can be done in this way: make an incision along the diagonals, drill a hole in the tiles and break it. Then the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of glue and prepared for the application of a new. We advise you to plunge the surface again. This will allow you to avoid the appearance of irregularities and traces from the previous coating. Putty should start with the ceiling, and then switch to the walls and floor.

What tools will you need to perform putty:

– nozzle for a drill, spatulas, brushes, skins;

When performing cosmetic repairs in the bathroom, we advise you to replace the ventilation hole, or only its cleaning.

The next stage is the implementation of a new finish. You should start with the ceiling coating. As a material for finishing work when working with the ceiling in the bathroom, you can use siding panels. You can also paint the ceiling. For this purpose, special paints should be used. They must be waterproof. You can also use regular whitewashing.

At the end of the work, install plumbing and lighting. Furniture should also be installed.