Norms for the construction of window openings

It is imperative during construction at the initial stage to design the area of ​​future windows, the sizes of windows and their type. And, of course, take into account light -technical norms. The window structure should not be blown by drafts and winds, to be thermal insulating and soundproofing. Usually the area of ​​the windows takes from a third to half of the area of ​​the facade of the building. Windows should be placed high (since the upper part of the window provides natural lighting the entire room). If the window is much less than half of the depth of the room, then you will have to use additional artificial lighting. On the other hand, too large windows lead to the fact that construction will become more expensive, and the room will lose a lot of heat through the window opening. The ideal ratio of the area of ​​the windows to the floor area: from one to six to one to eight. Window installation requires increased attention. The windows must be installed strictly vertically so that the wings do not open spontaneously later. All cracks must be filled with mounting foam and seal. Then slopes outside and inside must be closed with finishing elements. Modern double -glazed windows have such elements, and wooden windows are insulated using corners, platbands and lines. Window openings give lighting to the room, as well as a kind of style to the building and the peculiarity of the entire architectural project. Round or rhomboid, large or small window can change the individual appearance of your building.