About various elements of your home

For each of us, one of the main goals is to build or buy a house, or repair the existing living area. And the components of any house are roofs, stairs and windows. And if when buying apartments we most often have no choice, then during the construction of our own housing or repair, the situation is dramatically changed.

There are three types of roofs: from natural materials, copper and artificial materials. The former are cheap and environmentally friendly, but difficult to install and short -lived, roofs from copper are strong and light during installation, but it is difficult to choose suitable components to avoid corrosion, artificial roofs of the road and difficult to install. Windows are better to choose a mixed type: wooden-plastic, for example. It is better to give preference to the design of stairs to natural materials.

The electric floor will help your house remain warm even with the most fierce frosts outside the window. Such floors have a number of advantages over radiator heating: they provide uniform temperature distribution over the entire height of the room, as well as the absence of convection flows that occur due to the temperature difference in various parts of the heated surface, are not allergenic. According to the method of execution, such floors can be divided into film, core and cable. On the principle of heating: on infrared and convection.