Features of choosing a sofa and ways to care for it

Each person at least once in his life was in a furniture store, and came across fear and confusion before buying or choosing furniture. A huge number of sales consultants and sales managers are also very frightened, before whom there is often a feeling of confusion.

Buying a sofa – be careful! Before buying, you should think three times, because if you purchase not at all what you need, then doom yourself to discomfort and problems with inconvenience for a long time. Since the vast majority of furniture is bought not for one day, but for a long time, you can avoid all this quite easily, just follow several rules.

Rules for the choice

The basic rules are as follows:

If you want to acquire an ideal option for yourself, then you should not be shy of personnel and visitors, feel free to sit down and lay down on it. If the model is extended, then it is certainly possible to be extended and assembled back, preferably more than once, but repeated this procedure several times.

If you decide to purchase upholstered furniture in the online store, then approach the choice of such a store quite seriously. Evaluate the site, read reviews, carefully study all the information provided about a particular online store. The more carefully you choose the seller, the more reliable and profitable your purchase will be.

If you make a wholesale purchase in a furniture factory, then you must demonstrate the manufacturing process or at least the material used in the manufacture of products that interest you. In case of refusal, you should find another place to make a purchase.

What you should pay attention to

Experts advise paying attention to a number of factors, for example:



transformation mechanism;



The sofa frame according to all the rules and norms should be made of dry lumber. But it happens that GOST is violated, and the technology becomes different. It is also possible, the manufacture of a sofa frame from a wood-based slab, but only when it is covered with special protection from formaldehydes harmful to humans.

Budget is considered chipboard and MDF. And more expensive frames made of natural wood (timber). At the moment, there are combined options – the supporting beams of the frame are made of wood, and the rest of the design of lumber.

In the sofa, inside which there is a box for linen, deserves special attention. After all, the linen box itself should be made of plywood. In no case is it allowed to make it from a woody stove, since it can spoil it when in contact with the linen.


For softness, the filler (stuffing) is responsible for actual materials for it are:

polyurethane foam;

spring block;


The last option is considered budget and the most short -lived. The best option would be to buy a model with a combination of several fillers, for example, a spring block and polyurethane foam.

Transformation mechanism

The mechanism of the sliding sofa also plays an important role, it can be a “lining” and a retractable. The choice of the mechanism should be especially seriously thinking if you need to buy a chair-bed or sofa bed.

For the mechanism, a “bedroom” support is considered the most reliable and high -quality, which consists of lamella (lat). This mechanism is inferior to belt support. There is another third option that is significantly inferior to the two previous options, this is a metal grid.

At the moment, you can buy models with the following transformation mechanisms:




French cot;

TIK-Tak (pantograph);






Sedaflex (American casket);



Now many different materials are used in upholstery, for example:





The best option from the point of view of practicality is a tissue with a Teflon coating, from which the liquid is very simple and unreasonably dragging. But this option is very expensive.

It is also worth paying attention to the little things, for example, to the seams – how neatly they are made. How smoothly the brackets are laid that hold the upholstery. It is such simple tips that will help you choose a high -quality sofa that will last for many years.

The acquisition of furniture is quite complicated, but at the same time an entertaining process. Follow tips and buy only beautiful, comfortable and you need furniture.

Based on the above, buying a sofa – be careful, because you do not want to get a poor -quality thing!

Proper care

If you have already purchased a sofa and want it to serve you for a long time and stay in its original form, you should know about how to care for it correctly.

Easy to cope with cleaning the blanket or cover. They can be cleaned with the help machine, another thing is the opportunity to remove stains and dirt from the sofa at home. There are certain methods of cleaning, there are three of them.

Method number 1

If you are a resident of the big city, then you have the opportunity, without spending a dime, to clean your furniture if you invite various trademarks to your apartment to your apartment. The method is cunning and gratuitous.

No money is spent from the owner of the house, you just need to spend a certain amount of free time. Consultants will present you their miracle production of a particular brand, of course, you will receive a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary information, but at the same time you will be cleaned with a sofa, pillows, soft toys and many similar things in the house absolutely free. If the consultant demonstrates any product at your place at home-this does not mean that you undertake to buy it.



cleaning quality;

You will not perform cleaning.


the impossibility of constant use of the method;

a waste of a large amount of time for communication with a consultant;

the inability to use the method to residents of the suburbs.

Method No. 2

As soon as small spots appear on the couch, you must immediately use the sponge and a dishes for washing or resort to the help of a detergent vacuum cleaner. You can dilute the product and beat the foam, apply it with a sponge on the sofa, and carefully remove it after a few minutes. The only thing is that this method is not suitable for allergies, since after such cleaning there remains a sharp persistent aroma.






Suitable not for all types of pollution;

you can not remove old pollution.

Method No. 3

The current sector of household chemicals offers for consumers a large selection of various substances for cleaning upholstered furniture. There is, however, one drawback. This method is not always effective. There are times when any cleaning tool cannot remove strong pollution or spots that have arisen. Either, some household products after cleaning leave new spots or divorces, sticky coating. Therefore, study the instructions very carefully when you select the necessary tool and do not depart from the rules of use by this tool.


quality guarantee in the right choice and use of a cleaning tool;



the difficulty of selecting a cleaning agent;

relatively high cost of quality funds.

Author: Tatyana Larina