Anti -icing system for the roof

The roof of any house or building takes the first blow of winter frosts, rains, snow and ice. In principle, there is nothing surprising in this, the roof is done in order to protect the house from various natural "Cataclysms". However, over time, snow, ice and water can significantly undermine the protective functions of the roof. Output – installation of an anti -icing system. As a matter of fact, no special cataclysms in order to gradually inflate the roof need. Snow is enough, water and ice. The roof experiences a particularly dangerous period at the time of ice or snow melting. The water that appears, one way or another, but will find loopholes to get even into the smallest, microscopic cracks. Then frosts will hit again, the water will turn into ice again, expand and … the cracks will become larger. After several such cycles, the roof will no longer be as strong and reliable as immediately after installation. Why should you heat the roof and install the anti -icing system? The fact is that the above situation really often represents a big problem. You can not let water turn into ice. Then the roof will serve for decades and at the same time look wonderful. However, manually remove snow from the roof, for example, with the help of a shovel no one will be, of course. Prick ice with scrap or shovels, also a lesson, to put it mildly, not rational.