Installation of plastic windows

Many people read that it is impossible to qualitatively install a plastic window without special preparation, but in fact it is quite simple, you just need to at least have a slightly own construction tool. The first thing to do is to dismantle the old window. Let’s start.

First we remove the window sash. It often happens that in the old houses the wings have not been removed for a long time, so to facilitate the work you need to use the mount with a simple hacksaw you need to cut the vertical crossbar how to dismantle the windowsill depends on which material it is made. If it is from a reinforced concrete slab, then the windowsill is simply knocked out with a sledgehammer, and if from chipboard, then just pull it out using mounting tools to dismantle the window unit, it is necessary to break a previously sawed vertical crossbar, and the block itself breaks up to the parts, you need to clean the window. The opening. Remove all the garbage, dadd. Next, you need to put wooden rails on the base of the window opening, the window itself is installed on them. This is done so that these clicks (where the rails lie) later blow out with a mounting foam. You will need high -quality mounting foam. We fix the awnings. After the awnings are well fixed, we blow out the seams with foam, and the bed on the base of the window is something heavy. After a day we cut off excess foam and remove everything.