How to find a good toastmade for a wedding?

Sep 22 0

Preparing for the wedding holiday is a very troublesome and fussy occupation. Newlyweds want to please guests, create an atmosphere of holiday and fun. The main person who creates the mood at the festival and leads the entire process is incendiary toast. A good master of his craft will successfully joke, hold interesting contests and quiz and interest all guests, but not everyone is capable of it, so you need to find a “own” person.

Where to look for a specialist?

You can follow the advice of your relatives or friends who already had a wedding, and invite the already proven presenter. In addition, you can view the video of their wedding to clearly see his skill. Other sources are newspapers and Internet expanses. Here you will find a lot of options, because now many are trying to create their sites where they demonstrate their work. You can also contact a special agency, where there is a chance to choose a really good professional with experience, but you will have to pay separately for their intermediary services.

After you have chosen potential candidates, make meetings with them. If a person refuses to meet with you, pointing to his employment, immediately look for another. In a personal meeting, you can understand how responsible is, is it pleasant as a person, because then you will need to cooperate fruitfully with him, and you will also see his work clearly. Ask what kind of services he is ready to provide. Very often his partner is a good photographer – this also needs to be taken into account.

In addition to the photographer, the tamada can advise you with a good specialist in the field of video shooting. An experienced video operator will make a real film about your solemn day. Thus, having agreed with an experienced presenter, you can immediately find three important people at the wedding.

Consider the cost of the work of the tamad in advance, specify whether he is ready to work overtime if suddenly the guests want to extend the banquet for a couple of hours. Tell us about your wishes about the style of music, the quantity and nature of the contests, the frequency of toasts and screams “Bitter!”, Because the guests must have time and eat. It is necessary that a person carefully listen to you and try to find a compromise, and not impose his old hackneyed program, which all young couples have already learned.

If you are responsible for this stage of preparation, you will definitely find a good presenter who will amuse and delight all those present at the banquet, leaving only vivid memories of this day.