Suture the balcony or loggia

Those who have already managed to insulate the balcony will begin to skin. The sheathing can be performed in various ways and a large number of materials are used at the same time. If you want to sheathe your balcony or loggia lining, you should know that this method is quite expensive, since environmentally friendly materials are used here. Since the tree has the ability to burn out, so that this does not happen, the lining is stained with a special solution. Когда обшивка лоджии или балкона выполняется самостоятельно, то тогда можно крепить вагонку горизонтально либо же вертикально. To do this, it will be necessary to install a wooden crate, which will have a distance between the bars no more than forty centimeters. There are also other types of sections.

For example, recently, panels are used very often, which are attached throughout the loggia. Such panels can be made of pressed wood or it can be a panels made of natural wood. You can also use plastic that will look good. And another positive point is its acceptable price that any person can allow. Another important points are the sealing of all the cracks in the corners.