“Lighthouse” method of aligning the floor

You can align the floor with the help of the so -called lighthouses, which serve as the level of the new sex. This method is great for aligning large irregularities, as well as in the case when you plan to lay under the floor of communication. It is better to use perforated metal corners or any other flat metal material as beacons.

Lighthouses are installed across the room in a meter. They are fixed using alabaster or cement. A mixture is applied with a spatula, lighthouses are installed on it and levels are aligned. When all the beacons are recorded, they start work. To align the floor, a thick cement mixture is used, which fill the voids with interference with floor and beacons. From the far corner is filled with a cement mixture between the two beacons. The mixture is superimposed slightly above the level of lighthouses. Alignment is carried out using the construction rule in areas of no more than 1 meter. Based on the beacons, the floor is aligned with the movements of the construction rule to itself and from itself. The rest of the floor is aligned in this way. The amount of the mixture for work depends on the floor area and the increased height. The disadvantage of this method of leveling is that such a floor dries within 3 days.