House for the season – about fast -far -fetched houses

For many, the rapidly far -reaching house refers to the section of science fiction about the distant future, but of course it is far from the truth. Already today, rapidly far -in houses have gained popularity and recognition from the population.

As a rule, rapidly vegetable houses are made of trees of different breeds. These are low -rise buildings: cottages, warehouses and summer houses. There are at least three types of popular technologies that are used in the construction of a fast -landing house.

Monolithic technology – in this design, the supporting and supporting elements are columns made of reinforced concrete, which are located at a distance of three meters. The role of the walls is played by the ineffective formwork of plates or special panels. This technology greatly accelerates the process of erecting the building and significantly reduces the costs of materials.

Panel-shaft implies a box consisting of panels, foam polysterol is used as a heater, and the walls are non-combustible slabs. In this technology, the bearing connective design is glued beam.

And the third type of technology-frame-shirt. This is a wooden frame that is carefully impregnated with a fireproof substance. Not a combustible basalt insulation with a density of 80 kg/m3, external and internal walls – special plates.

All three technologies are designed for the construction of buildings that reach a maximum of two floors plus the attic.