Apartment design for newlyweds

Before the wedding, newlyweds need to think about the repair and interior design in the place where they are going to live after the wedding. Start life -together by gluing wallpaper or changing plumbing is not very pleasant. Therefore, you need to find in advance a studio that will perform interior design in the apartment of young. The main element in the design of the apartment is correctly selected lighting. After all, every family wants to fill their apartment with light. That is why the interior designer will select a variety of lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers. Currently, you can find a wide variety of modern lamps that can be bought on the Internet. To do this, look in the search engine Lamps of an online store, and you will find many sites offering all kinds of original lamps. Lamps are divided into several types: retro lamps, lamps in the form of balls, paired lamps, built -in lamps and spotlights. Retro lamps are floor lamps and lamps made in the style of the 60-70s. Bright lampshades, geometric drawings. Lamps of this style are usually used for living rooms and bedrooms. Lamps in the form of balls look very modern in any room. For the bathroom, lamps of white or blue are suitable, for a children’s – bright orange or yellow shades, you can choose a green lamp into the office. Paired lamps are recommended to be used in large rooms – canteens, living rooms. Built -in lamps made in the form of caps can be hung throughout the apartment. Point lighting is very often used in modern interior design.