Wallpaper or decorative plaster

In order to decide what is better to finish the walls with plaster or wallpaper, you need to understand what kind of finish type it is – decorative plaster. Such wall design has existed since time immemorial. Did not spread widely only from what was inaccessible to the main population. The design of the walls of textured or Venetian plaster was only among the iconic figures of the state. Only noble nobles or successful merchants could afford such a wall decor. And artistic bas -reliefs decorated palaces and temples. Since then, decorative decoration suggests that the owner of the house has the taste of a privileged person. After all, this type of plaster has its own unique and unique feature.

The texture is not template, but alive and it is clear that the wall was formed manually. To create your own unique interior, you should look at the design of the walls with decorative plaster. Also pay attention to the stretch ceiling, in the bedroom you can create an atmosphere of comfort and calm for muffled tones and not bright light. Experts will help you personally choose the color of decorative plaster in the most bold interior design. Do not forget that what you are going to cover the wall should be not only beautiful, but also practical, environmentally friendly, durable. Venetian and decorative plaster have a number of advantages – resistance to leaks, environmental friendliness, concealment of walls of walls, do not support burning, are subject to restoration and their service life is much higher than the wallpaper.