Dowsteen drywall (wet method)

In order to make a beautiful door arch or ceiling with smooth crossings in an apartment or a country house you only need a regular drywall. Do not believe? You want to say that drywall is hard building material and is not able to bend? And we will prove the opposite.

In fact, those who worked with this material know that bending a drywall sheet is not at all difficult. He bends both along and in the ground. True, a little less across.

Before you begin to bend the drywall, you need to take a sheet and make punctures of not large sizes from the right side (awl). The depth of punctures should be no more than a third of the sheet. Put the drywall on the wooden surface side of the punctures up and moisten with a sponge. When the sheet stops absorb moisture, we stop the action.

Next, we begin to carefully lay the sheet on a preliminarily made from the profile, a template in the form of an arch. Bend it and fix it in the shape of the template. We leave for a day for drying.

The flexion process is completed on this. Nothing is difficult, the main thing is to accurately make a flower shape and you can also surprise your guests with intricate forms of the ceiling or arches in your house. Moreover, they will be made personally by you.