Nail extension trust only the salons

Only in a good beauty salon can you get high -quality nail extension services. Do not risk health and beauty, turning to unfamiliar private craftsmen, even if they offer cheaper work.

For example, in the beauty salon a priori, you can learn more about on the official website

, You can get the most high -class services that can be provided to you by qualified masters. And nail extension is no exception. Before deciding to build up, you need to know more about the disadvantages and advantages of acrylic extensions.

Advantages of acrylic nails:

High strength

Thinner than helium

Acrylic nails are easily repaired

Elastic enough, which gives almost indistinguishable similarity to natural nails

The long term sock

Easily removed at home: just hold the nails in a special solution with acetone. (Helium can only be removed by cutting, which can damage your own nail)

The ability to make a volumetric design.

However, acrylic nails have their drawbacks. First of all, it is a strong smell of acrylic. The strong smell is due to the content of methyl methacrylate (MMA), which plus to everything can cause allergies. But, recently in acrylic, more expensive and high -quality, they began to use ethylmetacrylate (EMA) – a safer acrylate.

Also, do not use varnish removal fluid containing acetone, since after it acrylic nails lose their shine.

It is very important to choose a primer for the nail. The primer improves the clutch of your own nail with acrylic material. Acid primers are more effective, but they can have an invasive effect on nails and corrode skin. Non -haired primers do not have such disadvantages.