Accessories – The key to style

Accessories play the role of final strokes when creating the necessary style. Several bright elements and the image becomes more interesting and distinguished.

This year, most designers support shocking, extravagance and originality when choosing jewelry, and restraint and modesty pushed back to the background.

So you can not be shy to choose large, bright, voluminous earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. After all, fashion and style – prerogative not only women.

So, earrings can consist of several tiers, to be part of a whole jewelry set and often surprise with metal elements and precious stones. The trend also contains long earrings, cafes and earrings-lubs. One of the fashionable options – Wear the rings on only one ear. It is also welcome if the color of the jewelry is completely combined with the color palette of clothing, which will create a harmonious and finished image. Clips returned again, which should be bright and large.

Rings are also, to match earrings, it is better to choose voluminous, possibly with letters, symbols, large stones, as well as feathers and fur. If you give preference to small rings, then it makes sense to select them in the same style and decorate them with several fingers at once.

Do not forget to decorate their beautiful necks, especially since the designers tried to fame and prepared all kinds of options for beads, chains, pendants and pendants. For men, such accessories are not always acceptable – Read more about this on the MEN website’S Craze. The favorites of the season are still catchy jewelry in the gypsy and ethnic style. You can also choose less extravagant jewelry and limit yourself only to a chain with a strung bead. In many fashion houses, floral and zoological trends are traced.

When choosing bracelets, you also need to be guided by the principle of shocking. Wide, large, made of fabric or genuine leather, bracelets can be decorated with ribbons, pendants, feathers, rhinestones. You can combine several massive jewelry at once.

In order to create an unusual hairstyle, designers recommend using diadems and wreaths, which are now at the peak of popularity. It is so easy to feel like a princess thanks to the golden diadems that designers offer this season. To create a romantic and delicate image, to give preference to wreaths of flowers. Various hairpins and dressings can also be decorated with flowers, pearls, etc.

This season, the avant -garde and brightness are welcome and the conservatism and boredom of the image are not fully supported.