Nail extension

Nail extension – by another, is also called modeling of nails, is a process in which the length of the nail increases, defects of a real nail are eliminated. This type of nail modeling arose in the sixties of the twentieth century. Oddly enough, the dentist invented this method, who was the first in the world to make artificial nails from dental acrylic to his wife.

Nail extension in a beauty salon is the most common procedure that absolutely any girl can afford at an affordable price. For example, on the site building-button. Ru, you can learn about possible procedures, as well as what shares and discounts are currently valid. In addition, private masters working in a nail studio in Butovo are ready to go to any part of the southern and northern Butovo.

At the very beginning, artificial nails were very fragile and thick, and because of this they could not take the correct shape. Later it turned out that the substance, which was part of the original artificial nails, caused significant harm to the health of nails, and was dangerous not only for nails, but for the health of the client and the master who increased the nails. This material was later liquidated from the beauty industry, was introduced by another who caused a small damage to the health of the client himself, and the person who constantly contacted this material.

There are currently several ways to build or model nails. Acrylic extension. The plus of this type of nail extension is that the nail is strengthened after this material, becomes strong and healthy.

Gel nail extension, this species differs from acrylic in that it has not a matte shade, but a glossy. Recommended to people whose nail plate is weak and thin.

Also, the nails are extended with the help. These are such plastic long shapes that are attached to the nail plate with the help of glue. Before gluing this material, a real nail is polished and polished. This method significantly spoils the structure of the nail, which leads to stratification.