Wall sheathing decorative plaster and wooden panels

If you do not like wallpaper and paint, and you want to decorate your house both inside and outside so that it resembles a medieval lock or granite cliff, use such materials as wood and decorative plaster. The plaster can be used both in the interior and for processing the facade, and its types, which allows you to choose exactly the type that emphasizes your idea in the interior and makes it unique, gives it the effect of antiquity or turns it into a mosaic pattern, depends on your Fantasy and general style of the house. In addition to aesthetic qualities, plaster is durable, moisture resistance and prevents the walls with mold and collapse. To bring the atmosphere of a ship’s company to your living room or create a feeling of a wooden house in a deaf taiga, use wooden panels to decorate. Tree, despite its high cost, allows you to hide all the bumps of the walls, gives a feeling of natural heat, which comes from surfaces, and also perfectly isolates your house from extraneous sounds. In addition, in a room sheathed with wood, you will feel warm even in the most severe frosts, and humidity in such a room will always remain at the same level.