Ways to remove old whitewashing

To wash off the old whitewash, the surface is moistened with a spray gun. Water should be well absorbed. It is advisable to prevent the formation of drops and flows. The swell is scratched with a metal brush to the main coating. Then repeat moisturizes several times. The softened swell is cleaned with a spatula. To erase the remaining paint, use a wet sponge. This method is suitable for eliminating whitewashing from reinforced concrete slabs.

If the composition was applied to a wooden fight, scratching and moisturizing can damage the basis. From such a surface, the color is cleaned with a spatula. Cleaning should be carried out until a layer of plaster is noticeable. Whitewashing, which consists of water -based compounds, is not able to dissolve in water after drying and polymerization. To remove such a coating, use chemical washing or mechanical devices.

The chemical reagent is applied to the processed surface with a brush and left for a while. The whitewash should soften well. Then the coating is removed with a spatula. The time for softening of whitewashing depends on its characteristics and the statute of limitations.

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