What relates to black decoration

Repair measures are understood as a whole range of actions, some of which falls under the category of the so -called draft finish. This is a process that includes many important processes. Black finish begins with the arrangement of interior walls. Drywall can be used for them. After the end of the draft, lighting devices can be installed. For example, LED llama.

Next move to the alignment of surfaces. The floor is currently aligned by arranging a cement screed. Although there are other methods of creating this even coating. You can use self -leveling mixtures or even a laughter stone as a material for leveling.

In order to bring the walls to good condition, you can also use several ways. If they were erected from foam blocks or bricks, it is better to simply cover them with drywall sheets. You can also spend a lot of plastering and primers to get a flat base.

Also, the arrangement of communications can be attributed to draft. Plumbing pipe is carried out, wiring is laid. Attention should also be paid to the kitchen. Access to electricity for household appliances is prepared here. Then you can go to decorative decoration.